Seven Women in the Life of Aaron Burr

ny corset 1

Lenora Sansay – Camilla Huey, Corset Portraits
July 7, 2012

From “Seven Women in the Life of Aaron Burr”
Group Exhibition “Inspired by Design” NoMAA
Morris-Jumel Mansion, Summer 2012

When I lived in New York, I had always intended to visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion, but never made it. Therefore, I was very glad to visit when I went back this past summer. I made it into a semi-thematic day – going from Aaron Burr’s residence (he was married to a Jumel) and then to Alexander Hamilton’s home. I posted a stained glass pane from the Mansion before.

In addition to the wonderful history of the house, they had some very interesting artwork on display, including these fascinating “corset portraits” by Camilla Huey. The above sculptural portrait is of Lenora Sansay, an American novelist (hence the writing bound by the corset, I assume). Aaron Burr was her patron, and possible lover.

I really loved these corset sculptures/portraits.

ny corset 2

Theodosia Burr in Aaron Burr’s Room – by Camillia Huey


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